TENDER: Marketing Campaign “Prozorro is About Your Business Opportunities”

Eurasia Foundation, the implementer of USAID and UK aid funded project “Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services”, is conducting a request for quotation (RFQ) to identify a potential contractor/contractors for the development and implementation of Marketing campaign, titled “Prozorro is about your business opportunities”, according to the Terms of Reference, (ToR).

Please carefully read the documents below.

If you are interested, have sufficient resources to properly perform the tasks and meet the specified requirements, we look forward to receiving the scans of the following documents, certified by the authorized person’s signature and stamped (if available), on tapas.procurement@eurasia.org:

  1. Request for Quotation (according to the attached form, according to each lot separately)
  2. Detailed budget (according to the attached form, in XLS format, according to each lot separately)
  3. Free-form Project proposal, containing the stages of work and approximate terms of implementation
  4. Registration documents (scanned copies)
  5. Team’s composition with their resumes, portfolio of the organization
  6. Request for quotation`s filling instructions (attached)
  7. Supplier registration form (according to the attached form, 3 sheets)

Within this tender, the bidder may submit a bid for one or more lots, which include the following list:

Proposals will be evaluated separately for each lot. Win in more than one lot is possible. Implementation of activities by lots can continue in parallel.

Before filling out the documents, please read the Terms of Reference (ToR) and the Code of Ethics.

Initials of authorized person should be stated on each page.

All questions regarding the announced request for quotation should be sent to the following e-mail address: okovalyova@eurasia.org by December 8, 2021 (6 pm Kyiv time).

The deadline for proposals’ submission: December 10, 2021 (6 pm Kyiv time).

It is required that you mention the request number (TAPAS-RFQ-2021-052) in the subject of each e-mail you send.

We also draw your attention to the following minimum requirements to the bidders:

  • the compliance CTEA (Classifier of types of economic activity) of your Company / PE with the type of activity that your organization will provide;
  • in case of winning the competition, the readiness to sign the “Code of Ethics” document.

Proposals received after the deadline and sent to another e-mail address will not be considered.