About Project

The USAID / UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services / TAPAS Project supports Ukrainian citizens and the Government of Ukraine in reducing or eliminating corruption in key public administration functions and services. It works to build the trust of Ukrainians in their government based on demonstrated transparency, accountability and improved services. Visible and successful reforms in public administration and services will help eliminate corruption in the key areas of eProcurement, Open Data, and eServices.

Through the eProcurement component, the project will ensure that electronic procurement becomes the standard approach for most public procurements in Ukraine. This component includes proposing amendments to the Law on Public Procurement, launching the Centre of Excellence for the Procurement Profession at the Kyiv School of Economics to expand the base of procurement specialists, developing a Public Procurement Best Practices Index, and attracting technological investment to the IT infrastructure of the ProZorro platform.

Through the Open Data component, the project team will support all ministries and at least 35 municipalities with populations over 100,000 to publish data on a regular basis, and will organize series of seminars and workshops for open data managers. In addition, we are organizing a series of Open Data Challenges to cultivate innovation, and developing the Ukraine Open Data Barometer to provide a regular assessment of government progress in disclosing and updating open data. Finally, we will establish an Open Data Leaders Network to inspire the emerging generation of open data managers and innovators.

Through eServices, the project will provide regulatory and policy support, and technical assistance to the Government of Ukraine to develop and implement an eServices Roadmap. This component will also facilitate an audit of government registries, develop an Interoperability Roadmap and Interoperability Framework, support the integration of state registries into the national interoperability structure, and assist the transformation of various groups of public services.