About Project

The USAID / UK aid-funded Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) Activity supports Ukrainian citizens and the Government of Ukraine in the fight against corruption in key public administration functions and services as well as contributes to building the trust of Ukrainians in the government based on demonstrated transparency, accountability and improved quality of services. Visible and successful reforms in public administration and services will help eliminate corruption in the key areas of eProcurement, Open Data, and eServices.


The Activity’s mission is to combat corruption through the reform of e-governance in Ukraine and implement international best practices in the areas of eProcurement, open data and eServices.


Together with the Ukrainian government, local authorities and citizens, we are working on improving the public procurement system, electronic services and access to data to reduce corruption.


– More small and medium-sized businesses compete for public contracts in the open market, thereby strengthening the country’s economy.

– Suppliers receive contracts from the electronic procurement system.

– The government’s efficiency in procurement management increases.

– Greater visibility into daily transactions and an increased number of analytical tools to monitor suspicious purchases.

– Better legal and regulatory compliance.

Open Data

– State bodies and municipalities actively publish information on how they work and provide services.

– Ukrainian citizens have access to government data, which contributes to the transparency and accountability of government bodies and processes.

– Innovators from the private sector work with available government data to develop open data-based services and solutions for economic and social benefit as well as for fighting corruption.


– Access to high-quality state electronic services from anywhere and at any time.

– Less physical interaction of citizens with the state institutions, saving time in receiving services.

– Absence of bureaucracy, corruption and violations by civil servants.

– Creation of new state registers and improvement of data quality in the registers for the efficient provision of electronic services.

– Support for government anti-corruption reforms through digitization of entire sectors of the economy.


In 2022, USAID and UK aid decided to extend the Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) Activity until July 2024.

To achieve the results, the project team is currently working with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Economy, as well as with other ministries and state bodies, educational institutions, technology companies, NGOs, and citizens of Ukraine.

Activity’s partners: East Europe Foundation, Kyiv School of Economics, Transparency International Ukraine.